V. Chukharev, Personal Interests

Playing badminton

I like to play badminton (and I do it not so bad!), sometimes table tennis, occasionally tennis or volleyball.

A few programming projects.

Sometimes I visit odnoklassniki.ru social network (classmates in Russian). And I try to keep up a family tree on chukharev.myheritage.com.

ProgrammingLanguages is a list of programming languages I have tried in my life. Once, I mentioned to a friend of mine that I used about 20 languages, and that was not easily believed. So I decided to write down the programming languages I surely did use.

More than 10 years I am interested in Intellectual Property laws. It started from comparisons of BSD-style licenses with GPL-style and proprietary licenses. Then, I read a bit more and came to a conclusion that there is no firm foundation or consistent advocacy of the existing IP laws. My thoughts I wrote in a short note Intellectual Values (in Russian), later on translated to English: Intellectual Values (in English). In 2014, I added another text about Intellectual Property (in Russian only, yet). And in 2016, an article on these matters was published in collaboration with V.Sh.Kaufman. Links are given on the mentioned pages.

Steering Yacht

Being under a sail is another my joy. Aleksander, a very good friend of mine, owns a yacht Euphoria. I am equally happy to pull up a genoa sheet or to stay at the tiller.